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We have placed thousands of erotic entertainment companies with the best and lowest rates for credit card processing. Acceptance of visa & mastercard is vital to any online or over the phone type of business. We offer the best processing rates!
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Credit Card Processing for Erotic Entertainment

Mail order businesses thrive on the ability to process credit cards even more than traditional brick and mortar ecommerce sites do. Cash cannot safely be sent through the mail, waiting on checks to clear can be tedious and time-consuming, and allowing customers to purchase the products and services they desire with the click of a button is beneficial to everyone from the business owner to the consumer. Credit cards are fast and easy methods of payment. Additionally, e-commerce affords your business the benefit of being seen by a larger audience, increasing your customer base exponentially, and allowing you to attract customers from around the world.

Because online companies are not able to swipe their customers' credit cards through a card swipe machine like for stores and shops can and cannot obtain their signatures, they are often classified as high risk businesses. This high risk classification encompasses a variety of businesses including online pharmacies, adult entertainment, legal gambling, and other industries of a questionable moral and legal nature as well as more mundane businesses like online retail and wholesale stores, mail order catalogs, dating sites, and other online or home based service providers. Higher risk merchants can expect to pay more for credit card processing than low risk ; however these risky businesses are often more dependent on the ability to process credit cards and make up for the transaction fees because they have a higher volume of sales and a broader base of customers.

Online payment processing also affords many benefits for businesses. Processing credit cards through a secure server will give your customers confidence in your legitimacy. It will also allow you to trust that the card owner is the one making the purchase, and that fraud is unlikely. Modern credit verification systems are very reliable and do prevent charge-backs with a great degree of success.

Our company is pleased to find the best rates for all businesses regardless of the company's chargeback risks. We are experienced in working with online businesses and others who process credit cards online. Contact us today to obtain more information about processing credit cards through our company.

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